Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Bash

We had an amazing day meeting tons of wonderful authors. Thank you to Colleen Hoover for gifting tickets to me, (Renee) and Pauline. It was really cool to meet her, plus we got a signed copy of her NY TIMES BEST SELLER: Hopeless. Thanks also goes out to Diva Amanda for offering her ticket for us to use. We were sorry you could not join us, but Diva Terri was so excited to be able to attend. Both of you DIVAS are very loved. Finally, thank you to Butterflying Book Club from Lakeland, Fl. They offered up tickets as well so cousin Kristi Furci joined us in the madness. It was a shame that Diva Monnie, Diva Candy, Diva Kat and Diva Kathy were unable to come due to prior obligations. NEXT YEAR WE WILL PLAN BETTER!

One of the highlights was meeting the author of this months book, Fallen Too Far, the awesome Abbi Glines. She is quite possibly one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of ever meeting. We also got to meet Jamie McGuire, she is the author of Providence, which was also a book club selection. Lastly, we were able to meet and chat with Jasinda Wilder. She was incredible and is such an inspiration. She and her husband started self publishing books on Amazon to supplement their income so they would not lose their home. Her most recent book is now a USA TODAY and a NY TIMES BEST SELLER. Check it out: Falling Into You.

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